Fetal Gender and Genetic Disease Screening

The screening of fetal gender and genetic diseases refers to PGS/PGD (Pre-implantation Genetic Screening/Diagnosis), which screens for and diagnoses the genetic diseases or defects of embryonic chromosomes after the completion of culture of fertilized egg.

PGS/PGD technology can diagnose more than 100 common genetic diseases. Avoiding abnormal embryos can effectively increase the clinical pregnancy rate and reduce the risk of early abortion and birth defects in newborn babies.

At the same time, PGS/PGD technology can identify the sex chromosome of the embryo, and the prospective parents can specify the embryos of the intended sex to transplant, thus achieving gender selection.

 Fetal Gender and Genetic Disease Screening 

1. Arrange a Physical Examination and Review of the Guidelines

2. Remote Consultation and Evaluation by the Cooperative Fertility Experts

3. Assist clients to select egg donors and surrogate mothers

4. Customized Trip to Georgia

5. Assist customer with visa application.

6. Assist with Booking Flights and Hotels.

7. Make appointments with fertility doctors and embryology specialists at partner clinics.

8. Available 24-hour Georgia Airport Pick-up or Drop-off Service.

9. Scheduling with the Cooperative Fertility Experts Consultation(VIP) Plan.

10. Assist clients to sign agreements with partner clinics and translate materials.

11. Assist clients with egg donate volunteers and third-party surrogate mothers to sign agreements.

12. Assist customers to do legal notarization.

13. Egg and sperm extraction, embryo cultivation, blastocyst freezing.

14. PGS/PGD genetic gene screening (optional), and provide blastocyst gene screening report (including gender information).

15. The designated blastocyst transplanted into the surrogate mother

16. Accompanying Medical Translator to Assist During Fertility Treatments in Georgia.

17. Assist client with living arrangement while in Georgia.

18. The surrogate mother managed in Georgia during her pregnancy.

19. Caring for the surrogate mother's birth.

20. Assist to guiding the application for babies visa.

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