Test Tube Baby

IVF refers to an infant born using in vitro fertilization techniques.

In vitro fertilization technology, also known as IVF technology, is the process of taking eggs and sperm separately from the body, allowing them to complete the insemination process in an artificially controlled environment, then transplanting the early embryos into a female uterus, allowing them to develop in the uterus. The technology produces a fetus.

The general operation of an IVF service would include ovulation induction therapy, egg retrieval, in vitro fertilization, fertilized egg culture and genetic screening, embryo transfer, corpus luteum support, and pregnancy determination of test tube baby service content.

ServiceSupport Roles: 

1. Arrange a Physical Examination and Review of the Guidelines

2. Remote Consultation and Evaluation by the Cooperative Fertility Experts

3. Customized Trip to Georgia

4. Assist customer with visa application

5. Assist with Booking Flights and Hotels

6. Make appointments with fertility doctors and embryology specialists.

7. Available 24-hour Georgia Airport Pick-up or Drop-off Service

8. Consultation with reproductive doctor (VIP) make exclusive program customization in our cooperative clinic.

9. Assist clients to sign agreements with partner clinics and translate.

10. Assist with customer to complete relevant legal procedures

11. Accompanying Medical Translator to Assist During Fertility Treatments in Georgia

12. Assisting clients in living arrangements while in Georgia.

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* Ensure client privacy and confidentiality

* Clear and transparent pricing with no hidden clauses

* The terms of the contract are set to protect the rights of our clients

* Operational legal compliance, minimum customer risk

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