About Us

“AIGE IVF” Focuses on overseas assisted reproductive services in Georgia. We are committed to providing the highest quality medical services at the most reasonable price, and providing customized services specially for customers in China. We provide customers with exclusive medical solutions for a "customized healthy baby". Our services include: Georgia IVF consulting, egg freezing, IVF, medical beauty projects, leisure health projects, overseas property and more.

Alice has over 15 years of experience in the field of high-end customer service consulting. She is good at high-end lifestyle and medical and industry first-hand resources, serving a number of international high-end medical industries. In 2018, she reached a cooperation agreement with Ms.Natia, the executive director of the international high-end healthcare group, to provide exclusive one-to-one private customized services for customers in China. Provide exclusive medical solutions for customers "customized healthy baby". Alice has participated in many NGO cooperation and overseas joint cooperation projects, especially in the "female rights" to support the protection of women's rights in South America and Central Asia. She realized that as a new era, women should seek more welfare for women. After the encounter with Natia, the two of them set up the "AIGE IVF" and hoped to provide more help to more families. At the same time, Alice is also a member of the frozen egg and IVF. She really understands that it is not easy to become a parent. she hope that through the "AIGE IVF", It can bring hope and love to more families.
Natia  has over 10 years of experience in healthcare and professional services consulting. 2008—Natia is a project manager at the International Healthcare Company (surrogate and egg donation, medical tourism). 2012-present, CEO of the Center for Surrogacy and Egg Donation. She is often involved in health care programs that help a variety of childless couples. She has extensive experience in surrogacy and egg donation, and over 3,200 children have been born throughout her career. She is clearly aware of her social responsibilities and she will personally participate in each project. Provide assistance to all parents, surrogates and donors within their capabilities. For Natia, the birth of each newborn is the greatest happiness for her and her entire team.
Vanessa Lao is our senior Consultant, she has many years of experience in assisted reproductive services, is familiar with Georgia's local assisted reproductive policy, understands local life and humanities, and is good at helping clients tailor-made programs. It has helped many families realize their dreams of childhood and birth.

Tamuna graduated from Tbilisi State University holds master's degree in medicine. She has many years of experience in various medical institutions. She were working at ''Social Service Agency Control Department''. In our agency she is a patient coordinator.

Language: Georgian, Russian, English.