Partner Clinic

INNOVA Medical Center was built in 2013 and officially opened in October 2015. It is a collection of reproductive, gynaecological, endocrinology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, trauma, general plastic surgery, cardiology, neurology and blood vessels. Large general hospitals, and provide radiology services, including CT (computed tomography), hormone laboratory, X-ray, and ultrasound and DXA density measurement diagnostic techniques.

In 2016, under the operation of IVI, the most prestigious medical group in Europe, the INNOVA Clinic Reproductive Section was formally established and launched. The chief physician of KETEVAN OSIDZE, the most versatile gynaecology/endocrinology/reproductive doctor in Georgia, was appointed as the chief physician by the IVI Group, and the Spanish expert Jordan Garcia Ortega was appointed. Like her name (INNOVA Latin means: creation, innovation), INNOVA relies on professional services, rigorous processes, and high success rates to quickly become the infertility treatment and IVF success rate in Georgia and the Transcaucasian region. The benchmark, many European patients come to admire, successfully achieve the wishes of the child.

Innova reproductologists are certified in the field of reproductology and gynecology and have 11 year in-vitro fertilization experience. Their success is the result of combined efforts of the team and the methods of treatment provided in accordance with modern expertise and innovation. Methods of treatment used by the department are the following: • Insemination • In-vitro fertilization • Donation-Surrogacy • TESE -testicular sperm injection • Blastocyst cultivation • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection - ICSI Cooperation with IVI -specialists is very important by reason of their conforming to IVI- standards continuous work. The clinic is equipped with modern laboratory. It is headed by IVI- embryologist - Hector Huette Ferizz and constant quality control is held by IVI- head office. When beginning the treatment you must be guaranteed that the program you have chosen is successful. Keep in mind that the success rate depends on individual factors. Your reproductologist will help you to evaluate real chances of success in your particular situation