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Preparation process from a distance - how does it work?


1.The first communication with the intended parents is via e-mail. We answer your questions, providing all necessary information for the next step. We carefully select both donor eggs and a prospective Surrogate Mother in correspondence with the intended parent's requests and characterizations.

The final stage is the preparation for the arrival of the intended parents, which includes:

2. Coordination of organizational matters with a clinic.

3. Preparation of all necessary documents.

4.Preparation of Egg Donor and Surrogate Mother (synchronization of their cycles)

5. If the eggs are from the Intended Mother, it is possible to start preparing for the puncture remotely, that is, to begin stimulation before arriving, according to the recommendations of our


6. Pick up at the airport and provision of hotel if needed.

7. When the patient arrives, the process begins immediately depending on the requested package. The process lasts no more than 5 days.

8. We don't have a waiting list!

9. We offer conditions and service according to intended parents allowance and their availability.


1. Written contact with the patient.

1. Patient-doctor consultation.

3. Choice of a donor and/or surrogate (using the company's web site).

4. After choosing a surrogate and/or a donor, we send them for a medical examination.

5. The results of all medical examinations of the donor and surrogate are sent to patients (or involved patients doctor, if such exists).

6. Contract with the clinic and the company (First payment).

7. Start the process and preparation.


1. Treatment with a contraceptive

2. After the synchronization of the cycles the medication preparation of the surrogate and the donor for the puncture begins.

3. Arrival of patients, medical examinations

4. Sperm Donation

5.Before a puncture and within two days, the registration of the notaries' contract takes place.

6. Embryo transfer with Surrogate Mother. (PGD, PGS testing if requires)

7. After a positive pregnancy test the second payment transfer is made.


1. Monitoring of pregnancy for 9 months including protocol and medication.

2. In the 24th week of pregnancy, the pregnancy registration of Surrogate Mother takes place in the women's consultation center.

3. In the 34th week of pregnancy, a doctor is chosen for the baby born.

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